What is the Earth 8-8-2 Saga?

The Earth 8-8-2 Saga is a science fiction and fantasy, dark drama mashup which features an incredibly strong female lead who is a force to be reckoned with.

Genesis, by name and makeup, is the product of a science experiment gone wrong. Having been created from the DNA of humans from various earths, Genesis is considered by some a monster and by others a god.

Imagine this ...

Earth 8-8-2 was the 882nd earth found upon the definitive and confirmed discovery of the multiverse. What was so outstanding about the aforementioned discovery was the realization that every earth inhabited a diverse variation of human.

Earth 8-8-2 is currently suffering tyrannous times and is looking for a way out of the clutches of its torturers. The Rebellion contracts scientist to help them combine the DNAs of four types of humans; Earth 8-8-2 Humans, Godlike Humans, Superhumans and Vampires. Thus, they inevitably create Genesis.

So begins the saga which will change all things for the multiverse via a personage with no compare.